About the Artist

Jonathan Solter is an artist living and working in the Bay Area. Growing up in the redwood forests of Northern California, he started making art at an early age with the loving support of his family. This began with mazes and labyrinths, leading to the creation of new worlds from both his imagination and the natural environment; and turning more towards Psychedelic art after high school. He then studied a variety of techniques at The California College of Arts, in both the Oakland and San Francisco campuses, before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration in 2011.

His career in art began with freelance illustration work and the creation of murals in the Bay Area, parallel with teaching mural painting for a non-profit called ArtStart in Santa Rosa, Ca. Soon after, Jonathan Solter became a performance artist in the Bay Area, doing Live Painting and working full time in nightclubs. This quickly transitioned into music festivals around the world, bringing his unique brand of art and Live Painting to thousands of festival-goers and art enthusiasts. In 2014, the artist became involved with the Phaneros Art Collective, now a mobile art gallery that focuses on bringing Psychedelic art to the world.

In collaboration with other artists from around the country, he has been painting large-scale murals at festivals and events for the last three years. Today, Jonathan Solter’s artwork specializes in unique psychedelic forms such as higher dimensional travel, ancient civilizations and animism. His surreal scenes, beautifully-depicted in glowing colors, hold resonance with psychonauts and transcendental meditators alike.